Luf it. Great NFS game is Great.

User Rating: 9.5 | Need for Speed: Underground 2 PC
Again. Where do i begin?

Just look it up on wiki, hard to explain.

The Gameplay was perfect, it actually felt like you were driving a car, not a wooden block. Lot of races to do, but all of them were pretty easy, you just had to try. A lot of customizations for your car, free roam, great music, one of the best time wasters, even when you finish the game, its replayable.
The graphics were nothing special, but when i turned all of the video settings on max, Mother Of God...
THEY WERE STUNNING! What year was this game made?
2001? Holy crap. The only flaw here was the boss. He was pathetic, 80% of the races were a lot harder than him.

The Verdict

-Great Gameplay
-A lot of fun
-Stunning graphics on max
-Free roam
-Great night feeling

-Pathetic Boss.

I would give this game a 9.4 if i could, because of the boss.
He really dissapointed me.