Another Awesome NFS Title!

User Rating: 8 | Need for Speed Underground 2 (Greatest Hits) PS2
The Good:
-Addition of free roam is nice.
-Customization is ridiculously deep (Trunk speakers, hydraulics, etc.)
-Street X is a nice touch.
-Races are fun and exciting.
-Solid Frame Rate (Use of motion-blur here isn't as great as it was in its predecessor, but it's still a good touch.)
-Nice graphics.
-Good handling.
-Great car roster (Cadillac Escalades and Lincoln Navigators? That's a Plus!)

The Bad:
-Having to drive excessive amounts to get to events (most of the time you will be wandering around until Rachel or the game in general decides to add more races in.)
-Ridiculous amounts of product placement (What does Best Buy have to do with illegal street racing?)
-Little to no challenge with races (Even on the hardest difficulty setting, you will still win by a good three or more seconds. Most of the time if you make a mistake you will still catch up to your opponents, even if they are winning by a long stretch.)
-Lame voice acting (What's underground street racing without hammy, in-your-face characters?)
-Hip-hop slang is silly (So i need 500 "bank" for a Jaded Spoiler?)
-Story is hit-or-miss (Ambushed by a rival racing crew and working your way up to the top from scratch? Sure, why not?)
-Comic book cutscenes are dumb (Come on, Underground 1 had FMV cutscenes...)
-Soundtrack is all over the place (Snoop Dogg and The Doors to Cirrus to Mudvayne? You make the call.)