Customization and a solid online brings this one as an excellent game.

User Rating: 9 | Need for Speed Underground 2 XBOX
I have played this game a long time ago on my PS2, and I STILL play it sometimes. Back then in 2004, I was amazed by the customization options you can choose, but the racing itself is very fun too.

Online was great and I had friends from elementary school play this game with me. It was fun from driving a Hummer with Underglow neons, to a Subaru Impreza with a HUGE spoiler to show off to your buddies.

The single player itself is very good. The story is lacking but it is a very small part of the game to just explain why you are racing in the first place. Easily, it would take tens of hours to finish the game but it kept you busy.

On the technical side, graphics were pretty good at the time, but not amazing. However, I think the graphics excel artistically. Because of it's "California" feel and vivid colors all around the city. The sound is another great thing. The engine note is very accurate with stock sounds and probably the best I heard back then (probably EVEN NOW)!

Now the customization... easily one of the best if not the best. The only game that could compete is Midnight Club but you couldn't really visually customize all cars equally in Midnight Club 3 anyways. Here is a list of all the things you could customize:


Body kits:
-Front bumper
-Rear bumper
-Side skirts
-Roof Scoops
-Side mirrors
-Exhaust tips
-Carbon Fiber

-Base paint
-Spoiler paint
-Roof scoop paint
-Side mirror paint
-Rims paint
-Brake Calipers paint
-Engine Accent paint
-Muffler Tip paint
-Spinners paint

-Custom Gauges
-Underglow Neon
-Engine Neon
-Trunk Neon
-Window Tint
-Nitrous Purge
-Light colors
-Trunk Audio
-Split Hoods


-Weight Reduction
-Nitrous Oxide