WTF Stage 3

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Hey can anybody help? I've got a problem, i finished all the races on the world map in the garage, all the racen on the minimap and took a photo for a DVD and still nothing. I've even tuned my car to 4 stars and nothing is hapening. I tried to look for hidden races in the city and finished 5 of them.....WTF man. Any advice?! pls help Thanks
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Wow this is game is so old. Well try looking for hidden shops that usually is the case when advancing to the next stage.

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I recently installed this game expecting it to be dated and basica ancient gaming history.... how wrong I was. It's amazing and really worth every second spend playing it. However, I have encountered the same problem you did in advancing to the next stage. I suspect it might be a bug or something and I'll try to find some sort of patch.