I don't feel any need for speed with Need for Speed Undercover, EA's latest game in the street racing franchise

User Rating: 5 | Need for Speed Undercover PS3
Need for Speed Undercover was the game that fans have been long anticipating because EA claimed to the loyal fans that Need for Speed Undercover would turn back to the original roots of the awesome Need for Speed franchise, after going downhill after 2007's ProStreet, which took things to the road.

Well, the franchise goes even more downhill with this, Need for Speed Undercover, and all round its a terrible game. But, however, I did actually find a couple of cool things which got it up to score 5.0/10, instead of going lower than that, and I'll get them out of the way first.

Undercover provides decent tuning and customizing options for your cars, and on top of that of course you need cars to tune and customize and Undercover has a pretty impressive car roster. Also, in Undercover you'll find real-life cutscenes which is pretty cool and makes the story more interesting.

But that's it. The rest of this review will be addressing all of the bad points, and I think you should now know that there are a lot of those.

All of the good points actually now turn into bad ones. The customizing and tuning options and the car roster, which are cool, get ruined by the fact that EA sell these things on the PlayStation Store, for real cash, a trap many will fall into so they can make the game all-that much easier, because its already extremely easy.

The real life cutscenes don't make any sense, which results in the story making no sense either. You are an undercover cop, and have to get into street gangs to try and stop them, by racing them in Checkpoint, Highway Battle and Sprint, and doing secret missions and jobs for them such as stealing cars. But why would an undercover cop actually do that? Who knows. EA does.

But the main issue with Undercover is the really terrible framerate issues and the many bugs the game is riddled with, and sometimes the game is unplayable. I've encountered times where the screen has gone black, and all I've been able to see is my car, and then suddenly all the terrible graphics (the graphics, all of them, apart from the cars, which means the whole city, is yellow) pops back into place. And please, don't even get me started, like I've said the framerate is so terrible it is sometimes unplayable.

Add to that the terrible and stupid AI, which ram you off the road to get you extremely annoyed, to the point where you want, and maybe even will, throw the controller. The game overall isn't actually hard at all, its super easy which is yet another bad point, and the only challenge comes with the terrible framerate which means the fact its almost unplayable, and also the fact that the AI is so stupid.

Online is a mere 1 race mode and a Cops and Robbers game mode, so online lacks a lot of variety overall and its also very hard to find someone to play with, because only a couple of people are online.

As an overall package, Need for Speed Undercover is terrible, with only a couple of interesting things, but even those get ruined. If you are looking for a good arcade street racer on the PS3, don't get this, look towards buying Midnight Club Los Angeles or Burnout Paradise.