This game has come out from the tracks of PS, to the open city. But is it a new engine swap missing a few spark plugs?

User Rating: 8 | Need for Speed Undercover PS3
Need For Speed had always been about street racing illegally, on countryside roads or in the city. Sadly EA had ruined that formula a little when creating ProStreet. Now that they had learnt their lesson, they created a new game called 'UnderCover.' But does it still revive NFS's true spirit?

For starters, it kinda does. Going back to the city, modding your car, dealing with street racing gangs and trying to loose the police. You start off with your little 'ol 240SX S13... with a spoiler. It may not look like much, but looking at the games difficulty, you can go through the first few races. But don't worry, it doesn't take long to get into a good car. Once you beat some guy, he'll give you a choice of a few cars from a pink slip race. I haven't got so far in the game to tell you how the storyline is like, but I'm pretty sure it should be quite interesting. the Music is ok too. Not the type of music you'll remember, but it is set to get you into a 'racing' mood.

there is ONE major problem holding this game back 2.0 points: it feels incomplete. The framerate goes up and down. sometimes it feels like it is going at a slideshow pace! The graphics are good, but no real improvement over last year and the sun flying across the sky can be funny, but annoying.

But I think if EA was to release a more complete patch of the game, almost everyone's gripes based on the game would almost be over. It's like the perfect car, with the engine that won't start! But still, don't dispare, this game has lots of fun put into it. Just at a slideshow's pace.