This game is a disaster. End of story.

User Rating: 2 | Need for Speed: The Run WII
I'm usually quite a lenient reviewer. You can check some other of my reviews to see that. But when reviewing a game like need for speed the run on the wii, I am forced to make an exception.
This is one of the worst games I have played in my life, if not the worst. Basically, for some useless reason, you're supposed to drive cross country. The story doesn't even back up the game.

Terrible story. It doesn't even make sense. The menu is extremely un-user friendly and there are no useful game types

Music is decent. But the fact that it sounds like they have ogres who are voice acting spoils what could have been the best part of the game

Graphics are decent. Environments are well designed but look extremely fake.

The controls are extremely unresponsive and broken. Motion sensing in close up scenes is horrendous.

Lasting value-0.0
I can't wait to never play this again. Full stop.

I can say with confidence that need for speed the run Is the worst episode of the series ever made, especially on the wii. Trust me, get need for speed nitro instead, you will not regret it. Forget about this disaster forever.