Need for speed the run

User Rating: 4 | Need for Speed: The Run (Limited Edition) PS3

I have bought and played need for speed games for many years, and most of the time now with The Run I'm asking myself the question , do they sit back and say how many fools will buy this game, I feel so cheated every time, it will be the last, no other game in my history of playing video games , has a game pissed me off so bad, it's like they don't know how to make a game just fun, no they have to piss you off so bad that your ready to break your controller, I like Most Wanted 2012, but The Run is a game I really regret even buying, can you not just make a fun Need For Speed? In this game when you need to switch cars , you can't, and end up getting stuck with a car not set for the next race, I have had to start a whole stage over because of this big problem in this game, it starts out really fun, but don't worry , it doesn't last long, I never have given a review like this before, but I really needed to this time, if you want to avoid a game that will really make you mad, avoid this one for sure