Great Game! Good graphics, good car selection. The only bad thing i could find was the lack of any custom control settin

User Rating: 9.5 | Need for Speed: Shift PS3
The controls do take a bit to get used to as the car will fish tail all over the place if you hold the gas down to the max. But once you get the hang of it its not bad, and you can always change the driving style to make it easier to drive right off the bat anyways.

The graphics are outstanding with dust thrown in the air from cars going off the road to the all important lens flare from the sun on the screen. The car models look nice as well and it gives you a wide range of colors to choose from for your car as well as different types of paint such as gloss and metallic and many others.

The car selection i thought wasnt bad at all. Most of the new cars on the market are presented such as the Nissan 370z and the new Camaro, even some older fast cars like the Maclaren F1 are presented. I still havent raced on all the different tracks yet but from what i have done they are varied and fun as well as visably nice to look at.

As for the bad stuff, the main thing was the control schemes for me. It starts out with the R2 button as gas with L2 as brake. There are only 3 presets 2 of which the gas and brake are the same buttons, the other the right joystick being gas and brake. No custom presets can be made. A small grip. The other thing was when viewing body kits the screen is pretty much bombarded with all the other crap on the screen to where you can barely see what the body kit looks like on your car and you cant spin it yourself to get a look at certain areas. it slowly spins by itself.

Other than that i thought the game was amazing and well worth the purchase. I wasnt looking for a total sim racing game like gran turismo and i didnt want a pure arcade game like ridge racer so this game was a nice even ground for me.