Technically not bad but not great either

User Rating: 8 | Need for Speed: Rivals PC

This is one of those games that are fun while playing but will be forgotten by next week or so...

The Good:

Highly Action Packed: Hot pursuits and Interceptors are as energetic and fun as usual.

Gorgeous Graphics: The power of Frostbite 3 can definitely be noticed.

Ability to Customize vehicles and pursuit tech

Ability to choose Different sets of assignments: Each level has 3 classes to choose from which gives different sets of feats to accomplish. The type of car that is unlocked after finishing an assignment is also determined by the class the player chose.

Open World: Redview County is as large and scenically varied as much as Seacrest County of Hot Pursuit 2010, but now it is also populated with other racers, cops, events and extra activities such as jump spots, speed zones and speed cameras. So you can freeroam and enjoy the scenery or get in to action any time you please.

The Bad:

Not enough cars. (Only 20)

The annoying logic of being able to hit racer and cop cars in full force but get totaled by hitting a civilian vehicle.

No eye catching improvements to make it anything more than a Hot Pursuit 1.2.

Having to spend hard earned points to unlock weapons and upgrades for EACH vehicle; it hinders the player from trying out all unlocked vehicles.


OK Story: No doubt it is simply integrated to just go along with the assignments but it's still pretty enjoyable.

OK Soundtrack.


Not one of the most memorable Need for Speed titles but certainly has enough content to make it an enjoyable and thrilling racing game.

Rate: 8/10