Nice visuals though crippled by unplayable viewing angle

User Rating: 4 | Need for Speed: Rivals PS4

After reading all the generally very favourable reviews of this game, and wanting an 'arcadey' racer over a serious bore-fest of a scientifically accurate simulation racer (each to their own), this was the only option for PS4.

The incredibly slow tutorials you are forced to go through on first play are infuriating, you cannot skip or speed up the process, just forced to sit, watch and listen to it all. Okay that's all out of the way and I can drive my first car...

Superb graphics, good sense of speed and the PvP is slick and fast (over a fibre connection). However, the viewing angle is painful. You end up squinting at the tiny area of the road you can see above your car or below the horizon (depending on which of the 2 views you choose). You get milliseconds to react and move before yet another head on crash (which look great). My eyes are continually sore after a 60-minute blast of this experience; no other game, driving or otherwise does this to me. Having now played it 9 times (around 8 hours game play) I will not be coming back unless I see this catastrophic failure rectified in another update!

I've received two updates for this game since installing it, and cannot believe this has not been picked up and a view adjustment option has yet to be added - it can only be a small amount of code to achieve this!

This could be one of the greatest arcade racers if this single issue was addressed, though as it stands I find it unplayable and a massive disappointment.