Obvious fastest port from console version they could do

User Rating: 1 | Need for Speed: Rivals PC

I pre-purchased through Origin without checking the EA forums first... my bad.

Launched the game last night. It looks beautiful, from what I saw of it. Then I discovered there is no support for any wheel controllers. I have never before seen a PC driving game which does not support a wheel/pedal controller. It's inconceivable that a developer would be that lazy.

It's very obvious that this was developed for consoles and they did the fastest, easiest port to PC that they could. Even the menus and on-screen options show which XBox controller buttons to press. Admittedly, if you press any keyboard key the XBox button labels change to the keyboard buttons.

Thankfully, through Origin, EA now has their Great Game Guarantee and I was quickly able to get a refund since I have absolutely no interest in ever playing a PC driving game that doesn't support my wheel, even though I have an XBox controller that I use for some games.