Q : How can i get my own music in Easy Drive, in game? (PC)

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Hi every body !

Well, the title says it all : I'd like to have my own music in Easy Drive (in game, on PC) because my problem is : i really don't like the default in game music (i'm more of the rock style girl :p)

I went on the options menu, then audio menu... But there is nothing about changing the music library or stuff like that... (as you can see on the screenshot (- and yes, english is not my mother tongue, french is ^^))

Can someone help me please? I've searched as well throughout the internet looking for an answer but.... i haven't found any :'(

Thanks a lot in advance for your answer ! :)



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I don't think you can add your own music to the game.

If you really want to play music alongside, set the ingame music volume to zero and play music via your default music player.