Complete PC Fail! Really EA?

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Congratulations EA. Here comes a seemingly good Need for Speed game, and you had to destroy it! There are many things wrong with this game. In a nutshell, here are the three main points:

1. Optimization for graphics cards is pure garbage, especially for low-end graphics cards.

2. (Biggest) Frame rate is limited to 30fps and the so called "fix" only works with a small percentage of pc gamers.

3. Graphics settings are hidden and also garbage. Can't turn down much of the stuff that matters (AA, SSAO, texture quality, models quality, etc) and .ini file does not exist and pc gamers are unable to modify graphics further.

Here is a video I made containing my rage, frustration, and personal experiences over the game.

Please reply back with your thoughts on the whole thing.

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You're right about some things, wrong about others.


1. You were looking in the right spot for a file to edit, you just picked the wrong file.

2. They locked the frame rate to 30 FPS for not just consoles, but people with low spec like you as well.

3. It actually does have an ambient occlusion setting (what you called SSAO), and you have it off.

4. Model quality is something you don't typically find in a race game, as you have cars instead of NPCs. Reflection quality is what most effects car quality.


1. It is indeed poorly optimized, even for fairly high end cards.

2. They didn't offer enough settings to facilitate a broad range of PC spec.

If you go back into the Documents/Ghost Games/Need for Speed(TM) Rivals/settings folder, open up the "PROFILEOPTIONS_profile". It's actually easier to read with Wordpad than Notepad, and it edits with it just fine too. There you will find a list of graphics settings that aren't in the graphics menu in game.

GstRender.MeshQuality 2

GstRender.ShadowQuality 3

GstRender.TerrainQuality 2

GstRender.TextureQuality 3

GstRender.UndergrowthQuality 2

I also added the line "GstRender.Enlighten 0", which disables bloom. It can make it a bit easier to see when driving at night while playing as cop, due to less glow from the flashing police lights.

I would first leave Texture quality at 3, and try reducing Shadows, then Undergrowth, then Mesh, then Terrain, one at a time in that order. I don't know what you used to record with, but sometimes just having a FPS meter running can mess with poorly optimized games. Thus I would only run the Fraps counter or whatever you're using, just enough to see the results of your adjustments, then test without it.

If you can manage a result with your file edit that looks and plays acceptable while getting a solid 30 FPS, then and only then use the command to unlock frame rate. Don't set it to 60 though, that's too high with your spec. Instead set it to 40. I use that command set to 40 even with an HD 7970 OC.

There's a reason to cap FPS at a certain point. It keeps the frame rate window more narrow and stable, and reduces heat output from your graphics card. It also lessens the chance of high max frames and low min frames, which can reduce the overall average frames. It's not that FPS caps are bad, it's that ideally you want to find the appropriate one for your spec.

You can also run the game in borderless windowed mode by turning Fullscreen to off in the graphics menu and downloading and installing a free tool that allows any game to run in windowed mode borderless, which helps boost performance a bit. Be sure to follow the instructions carefully. I found it works best if your desktop is set to the same res you run the game at.

Lastly, make sure you have the game fully updated through Steam. Update 1.3 added some stability and a performance boost. If it requires Origin to run, try disabling the Origin overlay. Some people even use a hack that allows Origin games to run without Origin, but that would be a last resort. You wouldn't want to risk Valve possibly detecting an unauthorized hack, even if it only affects Origin.

I really don't know why they had Ghost Games (formerly Criterion employees) make this game when their Black Box division already had experience with the Frostbite engine with NFS The Run. The Run had issues with control bindings resetting, but it was FAR better optimized than this game, and that's the hard thing to nail with a Frostbite engine game.

Good luck, let us know how it goes.

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Good on ps3 though.