being a racer sucks bigtime

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your car is alot more weaker and slower then cops and not only that but you lose your points so much that you can never gather any at all. really theres no advantage or fun to being a racer because the cops are such powerhouses on this game. its really unbalanced

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and another thing the ai cheats so fn badly in this game when your racing them its ridiculous. you cant catch up to first place the entire game and then when you finally do and get past him all of a sudden he gets this magical miracle burst of speed and beats you every single time at the finish line within a second. man this pisses me off

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@MelodicMizery: Once you upgrade your car, you will have a better chance at getting away. That "magical burst of speed" is the Turbo upgrade. You'll hear it as they pass you. It's a high pitched screaming sound you hear with the engine noise (you might not be able to hear it without a headset).

Cops ARE really durable, but they are all maxed out. There is no vehicle level up system for cops except for their pursuit tech. If you want to counter that, upgrade YOUR pursuit tech. For defense, I recommend Shockwave and Jammer. If you get dogpiled, shockwave will give you some breathing room (A LOT of room if you get them to lvl4). If you keep getting bombarded with EMPs and Spikes, use your jammer. most people don't know that the Jammer nullifies Spikestrips as well as all other equipment.

If you want a better chance at racing, DON'T attack the racers. They will retaliate, but normally after you have dealt the first blow. You bump, they bump back. You tech one, they will rape you with electric dildos from hell. I'm at Racer lvl 59 and I STILL won't mess with them unless I'm helping a friend get a gold medal.

I hope this helps, give it some time. It takes some getting used to, but it'll grow on you and you'll love it.

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There's just a bit of a learning curve really. I was worried the cops would be a pain at first too, but now I love messing with them after a race. The AI racers take a bit more work due to the required strategy and timing of using and avoiding the pursuit tech during races. Work your way up to a car like the Ferrari 468 Spider. It's got some good stats and with a little upgrading I wound up with this:

I've been using primarily level 3 Shockwave as a tech weapon, but added level 3 EMP when my speedlist asked for EMP shocks as an objective. I also have Turbo due to a required objective, but it's best used on routes with fairly long straights. I just completed a particularly difficult Hard level race called Gullwing Drive, where I ditched Turbo for EMP, which helped me beat it.

Gullwing Drive is only 3.2 mi long with fairly short straight sections. A good way to use Shockwave is along side the front bumper of a racer to blast them back and make them spin. If done before or during a turn it can even make then roll and crash. All the better if you catch a pack of them and get a couple careening into each other.

Cops can be a blessing on such races, because they often cause racers to crash. It's often best to tail the pack until something like that plays out if it's a route filled with pursuit frenzy. The EMP, though a bit annoying taking it's time to lock-on, can really save you from having to get into the fray or using nitro a lot.

I used a combo of all the above to beat Gullwing Drive and conserving nitro allowed me to get just close enough on the lead driver in the last straight in a tunnel to take him out with an EMP hit. This game is not unlike Split/Second. It often comes down to weapon and boost strategy.

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Early on you can take a beating from the cops and it feels like they really have the upper hand. But as you progress, unlock more cars and start upgrading them you will find escaping the cops much easier.

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Pick a car with good strength and durability. Go to the Play For Real interceptor. Use Shockwave and ESF when the cop is between the planes. When he is stunned just ram him repeatedly into stuff. There is a repair station and hideout less than a mile away. With a little practice you can wreck the cop in under 30 seconds. By the 3rd time you should have a 10X multiplier and be pulling in 180k per wreck.

EDIT: You can get your heat, 500,000 speed points, and 10x trophies this way quickly to. Sometimes it can be frustrating as you may get 2 cops if a racer goes through. If you don't wreck them fast you might get 3. Then you might as well go to hideout as you will never wreck them all and escape long enough to get a clean start. Just ignore the helicopter. It goes away after you wreck the cops.

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@shadomasta : But i don't want to get rape. by a dildo...hehhee