EA has made its first (sorta) simulation racing game... and it's a good one...

User Rating: 8.5 | Need for Speed ProStreet X360
So, older need for speeds were arcade racers, running away from cops and street racing with alot of cutscenes. So since that is getting dated, EA has gone into the new form of racing, and ProStreet shows what it is.

Yes, it is now on real race tracks and motorways around the world other than made up cities. That means the the game is now legal, so no more police chases. The competiveness is still high in this game, so the fun factor still hasn't gone.

I just started career mode, and it seems a bit complicated at first, but you will understand it later. There are all these race day events, which should keep you playing this game for a while. You play as Ryan Cooper, a well known racer, but gets dissed by the higher-classed Showdown King, Ryo. You must dominate all the race days to race him though.

I rarely have any problems with this game, but I found a few things classic need for speed fans will find. The only problem I have with this game is the sheer understeer. Surely, it is more like a simulation that way, but cars start to feel a tad too heavy, a bit like Gran turismo 4. old fans may be sad that there is no free roam, cutscenes and cops to run away from.

This doesn't mean the Need for speed formula has been wrecked. It still has got realistic sounds, impressive visuals, and a decent soundtrack. This is one of those love it or hate it game, and I love it.