What could of been

User Rating: 6 | Need for Speed: Most Wanted - A Criterion Game PS3
The last NFS I played to the end was Undercover, and I loved it. The ease of drifting, the fun of the chase and the race. Unlockable cars and the cheese of the cut scenes. I could just lose myself dodging cars and such. Jump a few years and I got The Run...It was okay but so linear it hurt. Still, I could just lose myself in swerving, drifting and such. Now...

It's a new month and PlayStation Plus members get NFS: Most Wanted Remake for free! It had a lot of potential: just switch cars that are parked, every car has their own races and challenges each with their own difficulty, dodge the po-po and rise up the ranks to race The Most Wanted. All this would of been great if the controls weren't so shit. Like with the other two NFS's I mentioned, I could lose myself with how emersive the controls are, how elegant in maneuvering it was. It's why I prefer arcade racers to simulation racers. But here it feels I'm fighting the controls as if I'm on Gran Turismo or Forza. And the game could of been great if not for this one MAJOR problem.

If you're on PS+ try it, you may be able to get used to it. I, on the other hand, will wait for another SEGA Rally, NFS Rivals or hold my breath for PGR5.