NFS servers are controlled by cheaters, Do not pay money for this game!

User Rating: 2 | Need for Speed: Most Wanted X360
i bought the game 4 months ago.
The game got good graphics and it should be fun to play with unless gang of cheaters didn't control the NFS servers.

just so you all know, you cannot play multiplayer without being won or bullied by a cheater that currently controls the server.

the NFS multilayer servers are controlled by gangs of cheaters that will prevents you , the ones that payed for the game, from playing.

Those cheaters can fly with their cars, always win races even when they where far behind and speed up to crush all that stands in their way.
And that is exactly what they do. crush other players that doesn't have cheats for fun and doesn't let them play or win, untill the server is emptied (except them). They even have gang names and everyone knows that they control the servers.

EA (NFS) doesn't care because you already paid for the game, so why should they make any effort?
me and 20 more friends, reported those cheaters 4 months ago, twice, and it is clear to me and my friends that NFS does nothing to cancel their user. all they need is just one guy to play in the servers and record it for themselves.

This is strictly illigal. it is like paying for a ticket for a show and after paying, bullies and cheaters prevent me from getting in and the owner of the show doesn't care.
if i could i would sue them for making me pay for the game.

Just so everyone that will buy this game know. NFS servers are controlled be cheaters! and there is nothing you can do. no option to multiplayer.