Horrible, horrible game!

User Rating: 1 | Need for Speed: Most Wanted PC
I was, as many NFS fans, excited for this game. Just to think that I thought it would be good. My God, was I wrong! This is a horrible broken game that is not even trying to be good. The DRIVING itself is broken! The steering is so unresponsive and the cars feel like tanks. You basically cant finish the race first if you crash at least once AND you cant finish a race without crashing. Downright awful! Uninstalled after just the first half an hour.
The car choice itself is also very bad. It just dumps you into a Porsche 911, not even bothering to introduce to the world with a slower car. Mind you, I am not a bad driver, with 10 years of driving games behind me, I love SIM. and arcade racers the same. Most Wanted 1; Underground 1&2, Prostreet; Shift 1&2 and many more; just to start the list of only NFS games. But this one, absolutely horrific. It tries to be a spiritual successor of Burnout Paradise, but that game had much better handling; and the cars would crush like cans, when you go into the wall. Please, do yourself a favor, and dont even look at this game.