Fast, Very Excitng, Joyful Multiplayer, And Misunderstood by the gamers who stuck in past.

User Rating: 9 | Need for Speed: Most Wanted PC
Need for Speed Most Wanted is a great game, as i expected from Criterion Games. Before my humble review, i would like to say to the guys who says "this game is an insult to the old NFS games" this words: LEAVE THE PAST BEHİND!! Why all the gamers compare it with old MW, think as it is a new one, not a reboot of the old MW. And im not saying MW is bad it was awesome, but this is also awesome. So try to look outside the game engine of Blackbox, and try to understand it.

To review the game, lets begin with graphics. They are almost perfect. The details, shadows and reflections, it is almost lifelike, if you have a good PC. Even the settings are not ultra, you'll experience a racing game which is fast and has great graphics at the same time.

Gameplay: The driving is much similar to Hot Pursuit 2010, as everyone can expect from Criteriom Games. If your car does not have extreme levels of control, you'll need drift by tapping break at the corners. It makes the game fun like an arcade. Taking down cars also makes the game more fun, and makes it like Burnout. The polices are a little bit imbalanced. A Crown-Victoria can catch up to a Veyron 16.4, but it can be evaded if you have medium skill of cop racing games. My expectations of a disturbing helicopter is failed, but it didnt made the game any bad for me. The car system is good. Maybe the lack of modification may upset you, but i think it just fits to the game. Taking cars from street also great. You can ecade cops while in cooldown by changing a car. Variety of cars also excited me to play. Also we can see some elements from Burnout like drive-through repair. Racing is maybe dull for you. Having races perticularly for each car may become boring at first, but the game is so much fun that if the opposite happens, you'll seek for more races.

Sound: Car sounds are excellent, although the soundtrack may become unexciting from song to song. Also police radio sounds great and realistic.

Multiplayer. It is a blast. Just like Burnout Paradise freeroaming and takedown who you see, and start a race and do it just like the singleplayer races. Maybe at first levels you might struggle with instant takedown players but when you get 30, which is easy to do, you'll understand the joy game gives to you.

I cant say there are no bugs, but it has a few of them which cannot effect the gameplay that much to hate it.

Bottom line, if the game had better soundtrack list, a little bit powerless SWAT team and a better client (obviously ), Need for Speed Most Wanted is a candidate for best racing game. And also i want to recall that it did won The Best Racing Game of 2013 from Spike VGA.