It's a different take on a racing game

User Rating: 7.5 | Need for Speed: Most Wanted X360
I may not be the best judge to review, having not completed the game. I still express my opinion, this was interesting. The concept of an open world racing game has always intrigued me. I get the freedom to find all the stunt jumps, run though the rear fender of a police car and disappear in a high speed chance. This is why I play need for speed, not because I want a realistic car that requires me to slam on the brake down to 30mph to take a sharp turn, but because at 85 mph that same turn looks really cool as I simply bounce of traffic for traction. On to the point, I rented this game and I'm glad I had my turn playing it. In the week I had it I took down almost all the Top Ten Racers and demolished their cars with glee. the key to how quick you can beat this game is what makes it that much harder to 100%. You start in your Porsche (or Maserati if you don't like the 911 as much as me) and simply drive through the town looking to GTA on some high (and low) class rides parked with key in ignition just begging for a joy ride. I think I unlocked 80% of the available vehicles, including the F150 Raptor, Land Rover, and a series of rally cars not seen in most driving games. I liked the freedom, but as I stated I rented the title so I didn't desire to 100% it.