need for speed most wanted 2012 is better then ever , in this enhanced wii u port of last yrs game , uses pc texture

User Rating: 9.5 | Need for Speed: Most Wanted U WIIU
the graphics are astonishingly better then last yrs original , whether on the gamepad or on tv , it really proves how much more power wiiu can p ull in its early stages ,

the gameplay at its core is the same fun fantastic gameplay found in nfsmw and other similar nfs games, with a criterion twist ,

the replay value of this game is great in fact it includes the speed pack which had to be purchased seperately on 360ps3 , which adds to the already extensive library of cars , and 30 more challlenges to complete as well as 70 more milestones to achieve ,

for 15 bucks more then what the 360 ps3 cost , you get more , just think about it it cost 800 mspoints for the speed pack , thats an extra 10 bucks already so its a better package ,

the sound is pretty mu ch the same as it was in 2012 , not much i can say here ,

it does have online up to 8 , and exclusive wiiu features include
co driver mode , make instant changes change it to what ever time of day you want traffic on or off and you can even mess up the cops and the full game is entirely playable on the gamepads touch screen

if you just want traditional controls the game is compatibile with wiiu pro controller , as well as wiis classic controllers , /ccpros and wii mote nunchuck combos, so what ever you want to use its up to you , ,

with all the extra features and updated textures better draw distance ai ,

this one is the best console version of an already excellent game