Worst Need for Speed game to date. The Run is better.

User Rating: 4.5 | Need for Speed: Most Wanted X360
The remake of Most Wanted is the biggest fail EA has ever released. Criterion makes another appearance with their horrible physics at their worst. The handling is so horrible in this game, rewiring your brain wouldn't even allow you to take control of a car. The map is poorly put together for the horrible physics also. This feels more like a crashing game (which Burnout is except a lot better) than a racing game because any time you scrape a car, you'll flip over with an annoying CRASHED message for 5-10 seconds. The options in this game are so limited, all you can do is play online. But you have to pay AGAIN for an online pass. So you pay for the horrible game, Xbox Live if you have an Xbox, and the ridiculous online pass if you want the only enjoyment from this game. Criterion put no effort into making this game at all. The majority is recycled from Black Box and half of the game got ripped out so you could pay more for DLC. This is a disgrace to the name "Most Wanted" which is still one of the most played NFS games to date unlike this one which lasts a few days maximum for people who enjoy real arcade racers. It's a complete disappointment that can cost $60-$150 depending on how much left-over trust you have from the old NFS games.