Need for Speed Most Wanted has improved visuals, but a steep difficulty curve makes races frustrating to win.

User Rating: 6.5 | Need for Speed: Most Wanted - A Criterion Game PS3
Need for Speed Most Wanted is supposed to be a reboot of the original Most Wanted in 2005. Criterion Games has developed Burnout Paradise over the years. This time, they developed and released Need for Speed Most Wanted on October 30, 2012. The result has improved visuals, but the high difficulty curve means that races are frustrating and difficult to win.

Presentation - Like the previous entries, Need for Speed Most Wanted has a lengthy career mode that lets you take down and challenge vehicles. The story is weak, but isn't a focal point in driving games. However, the customizations of the vehicles are limited because you can't change the color of your car, buy parts, and decorate it. The only way to earn parts your car is to enter and win races. You can also drive around Fair Haven to spot other vehicles hanging around and drive them as well. Cop chases aren't as intense as the previous entries because they don't last as long as it did in the original Most Wanted. The main menu in the single player mode has driver details, map, multiplayer that lets you jump in online matches, friends, settings, and store. You can also compare you and your friend's times once you win a race.

Graphics -The visuals are very amazing because the environments and vehicles look realistic, detailed, and colorful. There are also no signs of glitches and frame rate issues that plagued Need for Speed Undercover in 2008. It really makes you suck into Fair Haven and makes you feel that you're driving for real.

Sound - The music isn't as great and varied as there was in Need for Speed Underground (2003) because there are less hip-hop tracks and more rock and roll. However, the sound effects are spot on with accurate engine revving sounds and how you drive your vehicle.

Game play - Although the controls are tight and responsive, races are too difficult and frustrating to win. The difficulty level ranges from easy and medium to hard. Even on the medium difficulty, I had problems winning races because the cars drive too far ahead of me. Also, the environments are large which makes it difficult for me to turn on the correct route sometimes. Just turning the wrong way once makes me automatically lose a race. There should have been closed races or have transparent arrows to make sure that I'm not turning the wrong direction. It's also too easy to crash your vehicle which delays on your races even if you marginally hit the wall.

Lasting appeal - The online mode lets you challenge against your friends and family from a distance. However, there is no local multiplayer which means you can't race with/against your family and friends together in the same room. Die-hard Need for Speed fans may still purchase this game, but at least wait for the price to drop.

The Good - improved visuals, online mode lets you challenge your friends and family from a distance, can compare your times and records against friends and strangers

The Bad - customization is more limited, terrible music, races and too difficult and frustrating to win, no offline multiplayer

Presentation -7
Graphics - 10
Sound - 5
Game play- 5
Lasting appeal - 5

Overall, GameSpot Score 6.5 out of 10