It's a game.A game it is!

User Rating: 8 | Need for Speed: Most Wanted - A Criterion Game PS3
Need for Speed Most Wanted.The game is just about the same with other Need For Speed game. Player may choose many exotic cars and win race to acquire car upgrades for performance. Player also can build reputation by winning 10 Most Wanted race and be the top in the city.

The Good
1) Great graphics and effects
2) Realistic gameplay and a variety number of cars for players.
3) Good soundtrack and music.
4)Works great with XBOX 360 Controller.

The Bad
1)Game is very repetitive and the track is almost the same for every races.
2) It would be time consuming for players to upgrade each cars.Need to spend at least an hour to fully upgrade each cars.
3)Sometimes the gameplay maybe quite choppy.

In conclusion, the game is worth playing for Need For Speed die hard fan. It's a great game for gamers who spend time during weekend for gaming. In the future, I hope that Need For Speed would be different a bit and become the best racing game simulator.