User Rating: 5 | Need for Speed: Most Wanted PC
NFS: Most Wanted is a good bit of fun, beautiful cars, beautiful scenery, generally well made you choose a car you race it. each car has 5 races 1 easy 2 medium and 2 hard so you chew through them in no time at all. (under 8 hours too kill the top dude, did it first time. that's not bragging, it was just pathetically easy)

It's very clear from the repetitive nature of single player that this game is designed to be played with other people. If that wasn't the case then this is the worst NFS release ever. There is no story line, you have no real objective than running up 1000,000 speed points in order to defeat the 'most wanted cars' in the city. Beyond that you drive around hunting cars to drive (jackpots) and billboards to jump through.

No manual transmission. I know now how it feels to go car shopping in the US. "I'd like the most powerful car you have please" "certainly sir, right this way" "where's the gear lever?" "uh, it doesn't have one sir?" "so how do you change gears?" "magic sir, magic" You really feel this when you get in a mild crash or the car changes down just before a bend and believes it can still pull away in 6th.

I've played NFS since NFS2. Porsche challenge is still my favourite. It had substance, it was challenging, they attempted to incorporate damage beyond visual reference for the first and only time and it was great. This game is drive race drive race drive race..

So single player = monotonous and uninspired.

what of multiplayer?

well, good question. i spent a full week posting on gaming forums trying to get friends on "Origin". Electronic Arts' department of online registration. In order to actually play with other people you need to be 'friends' with them first.
So i post my origin ID everywhere. get a few friends (30). not more than 100 or the program freaks out and your game crashes all the time. and then you create a public game and wait...(or click find public game)

apart from 2 races i got in multiplayer, one lucky day, I have yet to find a public game and nobody joins any i create. As each person is assigned to a public game at random, it's impossible to chose a game, so it's not because of my overly thick wookie-esk body hair that no one wants to play with me. I actually believe that nobody plays this game.

In all racing games, multiplayer is enormous fun, and this one would be no different, if multiplayer actually worked effectively, i'd gladly fork out the amount of money i did for the game. As it stands it's a piece of bland rubbish. It does have beautiful scenery though, so thanks to that side of the dev team.