Quite a game, but not for everyone..... And this is only a review for the single player mode!

User Rating: 8 | Need for Speed: Most Wanted X360
It was 7 years since the original and epic Need For Speed Most Wanted was released, and an 11 month gap between The Run and 30th October was crazed, probably the longest feeling wait for a game ever.
I played the original Most Wanted for the PS2(recently retired) and when I heared Criterion were naming the latest NFS Most Wanted, I didn't know how to react, were Criterion remaking the original, were they ripping us off by making us all think they were, or did they just think it was a catchy name.

When I started playing, I noticed that for a change there was decent music in the playlist for a change, rather than failing up and coming artists.

The first minutes were a little frustrating, getting used to the controls(as I was used to the Gran Turismo controls), I felt a little disappointed with the fact that the first few cars didn't have the same vibe as they did in previous games in the series.
I wasn't that impressed with the free-run as it wasn't fun because there weren't that many cars on the streets to destroy.
But most of my expectations were lived up to, though I spent less time on the Most Wanted mode in this game than the original Most Wanted as there
was only 10 places in the Most Wanted list, compared with the 15 places in the original Most Wanted.
When I got used to the game I really started to have fun, such as when you get re-inflate tires(they re-inflate after you drive over a spike-strip) you really beat the s**t out of the cop cars.
Some of the cars you get throughout the Most Wanted mode, you didn't want to use them as you had a fair amount of parts unlocked for your current car(this kicked in for me when I unlocked the No.1 car as I had almost all the parts for the No.2 car) but then you got used to the new car and had more fun with it.

Though the campaign(Most Wanted mode) was probably the most unfilfilling story/campaign yet in the recent NFS games, I still loved everything else about the campaign mode and look forward to the next installment of Need For Speed and hope that people play more Need For Speed rather than the other racing games available in the current market. My Score 8.0