A proper challenging need for speed after a while !

User Rating: 8.5 | Need for Speed: Most Wanted - A Criterion Game PS3
With criterion on its back it's a proper need for speed since 2010 when hot pursuit came.
The game provides open world driving with interesting and addictive challenges.
The races and the challenges in it are properly tough which takes a while, skills to complete,and added up with the new upgrades that can be used in the race (example the tires to evade the spike strips) makes it more interesting and thats the reason it will make you addictive.

The game gives a fine visuals and graphics( i would say the graphics are the best part of the game) . The cars handles perfectly and the higher super cars really needs a bit of skills , they really are challenging to drive and proper fun.
the new way of changing car or find it in the city is a cool feature, and this game really have a cool and large collection of cars.

verdict : this game is a proper need for speed, with a challenging level like hot pursuit (2010) with many cool modes and upgrades. if may be a story would have been added in the game it could have been more spicy.

So if you are fan of need for speed seeking for proper challenges, more exotic cars and had been disappointed by the last game ( the run) this game is a must buy .