Pure fun, the game is worth buying.

User Rating: 9 | Need for Speed: Most Wanted - A Criterion Game PS3
Despite being a little different from the original most wanted, the game is pure fun. The chases are intense and difficult, but not impossible to escape the police.
One of the lows is not able to have the cars in your garage and there is the option to modify the car, no rims, no stickers, no tinted windows in cars. The changes are only to increase the power of the car, painting only at gas stations (very limited by the way). The most Wanteds are not difficult to win. I won the last boss using only the aston martin. Speed ​​causes more accidents too. The consistency is important, maintaining the bumps and preventing it gives to gain relatively easy. One of the highlights of the game are extamente collisions, first ultra fast and ends slow motion, very fun. The soundtrack is also very good, the game is like popcorn at the movies: pure fun. I recommend the game, Criterion made ​​the game with much care and detail, the cars available in the game is another high point. The gameplay is very good, soon gets used to the speed. Despite having won the last boss with aston martin does not mean that one can gain from lancia, for example. At first most wanted, loved to beat the last boss with the first car: Sonny's golf.