Don't Bother...

User Rating: 1 | Need for Speed: Most Wanted - A Criterion Game PS3
Arguably the worst NFS of all time.

Criterion have ruined a stunning franchise. Hot Pursuit was average, but this game is absolutely woeful.

The 2005 Most Wanted was probably my favorite game of all time in its genre and after no more than an hour of this mess I found myself rooting through my dusty cases looking for my copy of the 2005 classic! Comically, I've now played that more than this god awful new one.

So, the good - if there is any:

Graphics, are of course as with any Criterion and new gen game, are beautiful. Cars look great, city looks good etc etc

'Pick up and go' ability - its easy to just get going

The Bad

Boring - I found the game horrifically boring, there is no story, no character, just run around, look for a better car and do the same races. Yawn. No Cross, no fighting your way to the top. It was a complete bore fest.

Traffic/crash cam - The old MW and other NFS's have had traffic, that is not a problem, you crash, you swear and you carry on. In this, it feels like I'm driving through central London at rush hour! There is a stupid amount of traffic which means all you are doing is just fighting traffic rather than your opposition. This leads into the dreadful 'Burnout' crash cam. What is it all about? It is common to crash even in the 2005 outing, I can crash a couple of times a race, what do you expect driving at 100mph plus! In 2005 you crash, it slows you down, you get overtaken and you have to start again. In this, you get to see a completely pointless and tiresome cut scene that serves no purpose. No options to skip or remove it completely. Waste of time - I couldn't care how spectacularly I've crashed, I'm trying to win a race. Re spawn me and let me get on with it!!!

Police - whats the point? the police are useless, their cars are so spec'd they can probably clock 300mph. They are so aggressive (no realism as they try and say there is) its almost like a destruction derby. But, going back to 2005 again (which this game is supposed to be based) the police are aggressive but you can smash them up, for points, bounty etc etc. There are 'breakers' which help in a pursuit, and then of course the hiding spots. In this its almost impossible to shake them off, when you do miraculously manage it, no matter where you go or what you try (I even tried to hide on a roof of a muti story car park!) they know where you are and find you before the heat level ends. I ended up just letting myself get caught as (again!!!) unlike 2005 there is no downside to being caught. You lose points... ooooo I'm so scared about losing points! Who cares. Get caught and go to another race. So whats the point in the crazy and insane police? Waste of time.

Cars/Ranking - For the first time in an NFS they have taken away the staged progression where you get better cars the further you advance. In this, just run around until you find a lambo or whatever and off you go! Within half an hour of starting the game I was in a GT40. It made the game pointless and boring. Again within my first police chase I was up to heat 4 where it was far too difficult for someone with half an hours experience. I felt like I should have been over half way into the game... I'd only done 2 races.

Overall, this is probably one of the worst games I have played. I bought this for 35 quid and only got 19 quid trade in a little over a week later having given this waste of time 4 hours of my life. I did not feel any regret handing over this awful game despite not even getting beyond the 3rd 'MW' driver. I just could not bear any more of this waste of time.

After this rant, I am going to load up a 2005 classic and enjoy giving Cross a run for his money!!!