a bit short but the multiplayer drags you in for more, one of the best, most fun racers to date, could of been more cars

User Rating: 9 | Need for Speed: Most Wanted - A Criterion Game PS3
I was sceptical about this game upon announcement as i loved the first Most wanted and really wanted the new game to retain that raw street racing feel but improve on the slightly more negative features, thankfully the new game does this and more but the overall style of the game has changed greatly since the first game with less customisation options and a completely different style roster of cars, however overall i was impressed with the new most wanted game, amazing graphics and great gameplay make this a must have ps3 title, need for speed never did focus on realism but this makes the series what it is, a fun, very fast and now a great mulitplayer racing game. if you loved the first most wanted for its length and immersion however you may be let down, i finished the games main objective of reaching the number one most wanted pretty quickly but this doesnt mean you cant give this game credit for its outstanding achievements, when you have reached number one you can go back and complete races you have not yet completed and re try your favourite races. also the addition of time consuming, innovative multi-player modes makes this possibly the best need for speed game in the series and maybe even the best racer on the ps3 to date.