Absurdly easy to progress; absurdly useless to the series.

User Rating: 1 | Need for Speed: Most Wanted - A Criterion Game (Limited Edition) PC

I wanted this game so bad for years. Most Wanted 2005 had its flaws (i.e.: the plot), but it was/is good fun and fairly replayable.

Not this one... It is completely unworthy of the "Most Wanted". Personally, I think it should have been a prequel to MW '05; that way, we could learn what's the deal between us and Rachel and Samantha (UG 2) now that there is an opportunity in this city at the other side of the country and it's worth a lot of money, et cetera, and making our way to get the BMW.

Instead, they chose to release an arcade game with no story whatsoever, with a friggin' ASTON MARTIN as the starter car... With enough luck, you can get a Pagani Zonda R, whilst cruisin' with your Audi A1... Also, the steering. I don't have a wheel or even a controller, but it felt appalling: when there was a fast left-right, in which you would twitch the wheel, the car understeered, then it didn't, and then it almost doesn't steer to the right as it felt like it understeered TWICE as hard.

The deal breaker, though, was this situation (in which you believe in me or not. Up to thou): I was in the middle of a race. Ariel Atom 500. One lap to go. We are in an Interstate and about to exit from it and into the town. An opponent bumps into me from the side. I manage to avoid hitting the wall, and the severe understeer sent me into the concrete wall. I hit the wall at an angle of, say, less than 45 degrees. Instead of following the "line" of the wall, or even send me in the air a bit and landing facing the opposite way, I hit it and it makes the car (sort of) drift so that the right hand side of the car is against the wall... In other words, the physics of this abomination made my Ariel Atom 500 go the opposite way after hitting a wall...

Simply put, it's not worth it. Not even as "I wonder why many people despise this game? I ought to see it for myself!" Don't do it to yourself.