The game have a wonderfull graphics but hard to play, very unestable, don´t have a manual transmission.

User Rating: 4.5 | Need for Speed: Most Wanted PC
Crash cam suck, how be realistic the game with crash posters, semaphores, ramps, etc. The manual transmission was missing very hard problem to control bether the car. (cars very very unestable) the story from another side was ver poor. Only in the first mision you are ver exited (the music help a lot) The only great in game is the graphics. No more to say.

You can call the handling 'arcade', but a better term would be 'garbage'. There's a term in automotive journalism regarding handling called a 'dead spot' in a steering wheel. The handing in Most Wanted is ALL dead spot, until you get to the point that you are spinning out of control or careening into a building.If you have heard that this game is like driving a car on ICE, that is exactly correct. Crashing is frequent, and restarts are constant. After over a dozen attempts, I could not complete the first 'Ambush' race with a time restraint of 2:00. 2 minutes to evade the police?