Doesn't deserve many words only disappointing.

User Rating: 4 | Need for Speed: Most Wanted PC
I've waited for this game for a long time and watching the trailers i was very exited when i started playing this game, and I have to admit i had great expectations for it.
Sadly since the moment i double clicked that icon on my desktop the disappointments kept on coming.
I wouldn't like to write a whole review for it since it doesn't deserve it, I will on the other hand try to summarize my thoughts about this game :

Graphics : Contrary to my comment on the game, graphics look pretty nice for a driving game, my personal opinion is that the cars look too much "toy-ish" and I feel like most wanted and carbon are more realistic than this one but on the other hand the world looks good,streets are, as usual for any NFS game, cleaner than a mirror since they reflect better than one but some people seem to like it ( I personally hate it).

Audio : The music in this game isn't something special, a little bit of this, a little bit of that, my grade is mediocre especially since you have to lower the SFX volume to almost 10/20 % to actually hear a song normally the rest of the sound effect i think don't require much reviewing unless there are many different qualities of the sound "wrummmmm" (depending on the engine)

Gameplay : This is where the fun begins . . . i know there are options for control but after almost 2 decades of racing games who the hell makes a game with default controls for accelerate to (A) and brake to (S) while for steering (), also for a game released in 2012 having only 2 cameras seems poor to me, street view and close up behind ?, its true i won't deny that there are options to rotate the camera around the car but who has time to do that while driving ?.
Another thing is the "Learning curve" of this game if it even exists, you simply start the game somebody gives you the keys to his car and says drive but i can't take that much into consideration 'cause this type of driving game doesn't require much time to learn or is it ?
In their attempt to make the game look more realistic Criterion games has turned a relaxing driving game into a journey to defeat the evil cars driving around you the sensibility of your car compared to the npc's is like 1/10 every single little bump on the road if touched while drivig over 70 Km/h 80% of the time will cause you to crash which leads you to loose like 4,5 position in the race while other npc's simply bump of each other like toys, if a npc hits you from behind you will crash if you hit a npc from behind most probably you will crash, if an npc crashes a car and you hit it you crash my dear friend if you hit a car and they hit it . . . wait for it . . . . well they don't crash they just pass through because Ain't Nobody Got Time For That !
Same goes for the police which makes the race pretty interesting since it looks like no matter who they start to chase they end up hitting only your car.
Another thing that bugged me in this game is that the town is too thick for a racing game since from my experience playing crossings tend to appear out of nowhere too much, and in many of the time you drive a 4 lane street you ran into a 4 ways crossing only 1 way is the right one for the race the other 3 will lead you away from checkpoints mostly ending in you restarting the race and worst thing of all the game doesn't even hint you where to turn.
Another problem is that in my opinion this game is totally misconducted by that i mean that driving over 60/70 Km/h will (realistically) cause your car to be quit hard to controll on the fact that this game's name is Need for Speed and its totally logical to drive slowly and carefully its what you bought.
On the other hand game content is mostly unlocked from the start if you want a car you only have to find it, upgrades require you winning ( or at least getting in the first 3) a race which is logical or else the game wouldn't have a point.

Controls : Other than the A/S for acceleration/brake invention controls are pretty standard but the responsiveness is pretty weak causing the game to be pretty hard and off pissing.

Storyline : huh ? if there is something like that show it to me xD

I Believe that there are many more thing that would drive away a NFS fan from this game but I will stop here i think enough has been said