Need For Speed Most Wanted is Fast,Furious and a whole lot of Fun,

User Rating: 9 | Need for Speed: Most Wanted - A Criterion Game PS3
After last years dissapointing Need For Speed The Run the developers have given fans alot of fast paced driving and stuff and I tell you if you love Burnout Paradise then this is right up your street.


The whole point of Need For Speed Most Wanted is to enter races,smash billboards avoid cops and wreck other peoples vehicles at full speed. You a car to begin with but as you burn through the city you will unlock and find new cars and also by competing in races better mods for your car which include Nitrous which is like a turbo that makes you go faster.

You get SP as you complete races,stunts or slam into vehicles, billboards and win races and other stuff. You don't just enter races you can end up getting pursued by squad cars and also braking a certain average speed limits. When being chased by Squad Cars they will sometimes use a Roadblock to slow you down or put down Stingers to damage your wheels and handling. You will see how your friends have done online against you for all sorts of things like speed through speed cameras,distance from a jump and all sorts of other things too.

As you rack up SP most wanted events become unlocked where you have to race a rival car beat it and then chase it down so you can add it to your roster of cars. There's also a multiplayer mode where there is a certain number of player and so many different events. So this game has plenty of replayability.

This game might not be for everyone because some will say it's to different to Burnout Paradise and also some may not like overworld driving games.


The cars and the areas are very nice the sirens on squad cars are all very good and there are Billboards of different developers littered throughout the massive overworld.


A massive amount to do as well as multiplayer and plenty of events and obstacles and cars to get for you when you are climbing the Most Wanted ladder.

Overall Opinion

Need For Speed Most Wanted resembles Burnout Paradise alot because that is actually a good thing. It can be extremely addictive and have you roaming around the city for ages looking for new stuff. The game has plenty to offer and if you are a fan of racing games then this is right up your street.

Overall Score 9.0