Good all round racer

User Rating: 8 | Need for Speed: Most Wanted - A Criterion Game VITA

NFS:MW is an enjoyable racing game on the Playstation Vita. There are lots of stuff to accomplish, even if some are repetitive but it's all good fun.

The graphics are clean and flashy in my opinion. I never encountered any slowdowns during game-play and the racing is fast and furious. The car models are awesome on the Vita and the city is convincing. A little more traffic, weather effects and pursuit from the police chases would be appreciated but I guess these were omitted to allow a smooth and fast frame rate.

The sound tracks are a great mix and give the racing events more appeal. An option to select the tracks you like (playlist) would have been something fans might have appreciated but it wasn't included.

The controls are spot on and this is where the game excels. Power-sliding and other crazy stunts are easy to pull off once you get use to the preset controls and the handling on vehicles vary. It is easy to give the cops a run for their money and the racers who put up a fight during career mode aren't able to frustrate you because of the tight controls.

I have tried the online component a few times but don't feel confident enough to give an accurate piece on it but from what i have experienced, the multi-player component is okay.

NFS:MW is a great racing game you would want to add to your Viita collection. It has a ton of cars, racing events and flashy graphics combined with a great sound track and tight controls to keep you entertained for weeks-on-end. Do yourself a favor and pick it up if you haven't experienced the console or PC version.