As good as it has always been. Still worth getting.

User Rating: 9 | Need for Speed: Most Wanted - A Criterion Game X360

Need for Speed: Most Wanted is a proper Criterion game. It's a racing game like the Burnout series and it's constantly fun to play. Burnout fans will love this. This is an open-world arcade-style racing game made by Criterion, the brilliant minds behind the Burnout series. This is my favourite racing game of the year 2012 and my favourite game in the Need for Speed franchise.

What I like about Most Wanted is that the presentation follows Need for Speed tradition. You are presented as an agsubrant driver who comes to the city of Farehaven to become the most wanted driver in the city by competing against 10 other drivers. Also, the game looks very nice. There's detail thrown everywhere from the cars to the man-made structures and the gorgeous lighting effects. Although the soundtrack isn't anything to go nuts to, the cars sound really nice and you'll experience fantastic crashes.

Need For Speed has always impressed us with it's light controls and it's over the top drifting action, and Most Wanted continues that tradition with spectacular crashes, satisfying handling and rewarding driving whether it's a drift, an overtake, a near miss, or a takedown on another vehicle. You'll also find lots to do like races, escaping from the cops, smashing billboards and much more. You'll also find cars scattered across Fare haven which are a joy to drive whether it's a small Audi hatchback or an insane Ariel Atom. If your crazy enough to 100% this game, it will take you forever. The thing that I like most about this game though is the fascinating multiplayer. Freedrive is available when your friends just want to mess about with each other with no other vehicles to bother you. The competitive multiplayer is equally amazing with lots of activities like jump challenges, team races and individual races. You'll never find a better multiplayer in a racing game for a long time.

Need for Speed: Most Wanted is a game where you will enjoy yourself no matter what you choose to do. The game does have a few flaws, one being it can be frustrating. Concentrating on overtaking someone can result in you crashing into a vehicle on the streets and will set your teeth on edge. But, NFS: Most Wanted is a real racing game that is entertaining for every racing fan out there. Although it's not perfect, it has certainly put the series in a good position for best racing series ever.