NFS: Most Wanted for the PS VITA - This is one "port" of a console game that should have never taken place.

User Rating: 2.5 | Need for Speed: Most Wanted VITA
Just because you can make a "port" of a successful console game over to another this case the PS Vita.....doesn't mean that you necessarily should do it.

No control options, therefore the controls are designed for console controllers. The Vita can't handle it.

Draw distance....great on the consoles.....much too freakin ridiculous to make work on the Vita screen. What looks like a clear path is actually a stone wall when you get about 5 feet from it. You can't just take a console game and put it on a handheld all the time. Some games need revised for the system. Unless of course all you want to do is scam Vita owners and make a little cash in the meantime.

This game is "highway" robbery if your a Vita owner. Hey, the music is acceptable and the first 2 minutes are playable.