Lack of progression and upgrades makes for a boring game.

User Rating: 5 | Need for Speed: Most Wanted PC
Let's say the game has 100 cars. Each car has 5 unique races. You get some upgrades for completing each race but only on that particular car. Once you get a new car you start from scratch. You switch cars at will and are all over the place. So lets say you're having a hard time with the races from a particular car, there is no way to make that car stronger through upgrades with other races then come back and complete the difficult races. There is also no cooldown locations to hide form the cops. And the AI from the police is nuts making it almost impossible to outrun them. The computer AI is very good so you have to be on your A game to win a race taking the fun factor out of it. Difficult doesn't always equate to fun. The game is basically all glamour. They want you to drive as fast as you can to go through speed cams or to hit jumps and smash through billboards which gives you points. You collect points to move up the ranks. Winning races has no real value except you get some points as well. It doesn't give you upgrades or new cars. You can drive around town and find over 50 cars without completing a single race. You can't use a Porsche to try and complete the difficult Toyota Corolla races. Overall the game plays smooth and is nice, but the content is very disappointing and I uninstalled it after the first day.