Being a long time need for speed fan NFS1 i can say this

User Rating: 2 | Need for Speed: Most Wanted - A Criterion Game PS3
This game is a slap in the face to the fans of NFS Most wanted using the title of a game they known was good to sell this pile of dung. Cons, all the cars feel the same. Getting to the top of the most wanted list is way to easy vs what it was in the "Real" Most Wanted Cop chases while fun are a joke really. Easy to avoid them.
No real customization. The views suck 1st person feels like your riding on the road not in the car forcing you to play in 3rd person. Multiplayer feels lacking like it has no core to it.
Getting cars feels unrewarding.
the run flats idea is nice but should only work once.
i wish they would of called this game what it is Burnout not Need for speed
but no they Butchered a great game if i was black box id be mad as Bleep at EA and Citerion

if you loved Need for Speed Most Wanted dont buy this game it will make you sick to see what citerion did to it.
IF your a Burnout fan you will like it most likely
EA needs to let Black box stick to Need for speed and
Citerion sticks to Burnout series.