A great remake of a great game.

User Rating: 10 | Need for Speed: Most Wanted PC
I've only played about five hours of it so far, but this racing game has already managed to find a place in my top-ten list. The gameplay is fast and furious, the cars are numerous and very detailed, and the graphics are beautiful.

I'm running this game on all max settings and I am continuously alarmed by just how beautiful the game is. The light refraction, the sunlight effects, the reflections of buildings, trees, cars, etc off the water in the road... this is a beautiful game. It's the most photo-realistic street-racer I've ever played (and I've played most of them).

The cars handle well. At the time I'm writing this review, there is only one other and he/she complains about the cars not handling well, but I can't see what he/she's talking about. He/she does state that he/she is using the keyboard, which is an unjust reason to judge a game. By this point, shouldn't people know that racing games are for analog controllers? You can not base a review of a racing game off of keyboard-mouse input. Trust me, car handling is great if you use a controller like any sane person would.

There are tons of cars, they are all upgradable, and they all handle uniquely. You need to get used to each car individually, and I love this. It makes it feel like more than just one car with different models.

The gameplay is like a juxtaposition of Most Wanted (2005) and Burnout Paradise (2008). Each car has unique events. To start an event, you go into the EasyDrive menu (an in-game non-paused menu that pops up in the top-left corner of the screen) and select one of the events available. You can then set the event as your destination. Once you drive to it, you start simply by holding accelerate and brake (like in Burnout Paradise). There is a short loading screen, but the race starts fairly fast. Nearly every event seems to have a unique loading cutscene (which can be skipped, but are usually pretty cool). The races are open world (no barriers), but have check-points to keep you on pretty much the same track as the rest of the racers.

The cop chases are very reminiscent of Most Wanted (2005). They are fun, and can last a long time. The scanner chatter is well executed in real-time. The aforementioned reviewer states that cops are nearly impossible to escape "even if you have the fastest car in the game." This is simply not true. I have been in at least twenty cop chases, and have only been busted three times. Perhaps the other reviewer is simply angry that he isn't very good at the game, or perhaps he is having lag due to his computer not being powerful enough. Either way, saying that cops are impossible to escape is a lie.

The only two cameras are a standard third-person and first-person (bumper). I do wish there was an in-cockpit view, but it's not too big of a deal.

All in all, I love this game. It's fast, fun, and varied. I don't usually write reviews but I couldn't stand to see the only reviewer here hating on this game because he was using the keyboard instead of a controller. It deserves more.