A Criterion game-Burnout for speed - Paradise!

User Rating: 6 | Need for Speed: Most Wanted PC
Did you ever wanted to play Burnout Paradise with licensed cars?
This is just that-nothing more. No story,no people to fight,just cars scattered on the map.Cops are acting like lunatics,they are more dangerous on street than you ,lol. You do not need to work hard for your new car , did you know that people leave their new lamborghini in the dump yard? Yes they do, just go there and hop in. Oh and everybody in that city leave their cars and forget them on very strange places, lucky you because all of them have some strange brain damage. Nothing new except game engine....
What a waste of hope. And money.
Burnout was good but face-lifting with another brand name? Come on EA ,you can do better to people who pays your bread, instead you rob us..
To choose between this with fancy graphics and original Most Wanted it is easy decision, original is everything that this Burnout remake will newer be.
END (for NFS series and me playing it)
Almost forgot. Did you know that on gas stations they do not give you that-gas?! Noo they paint your car instead in color you can not choose.Argh