Repetitive, bad car handling, cops that always spawn out of thin air with bizarre AI and annoying roadblock camera mode

User Rating: 5 | Need for Speed: Most Wanted PC
The game feels more like some Burnout clone than a reboot of Most Wanted from 2005.

There is no story mode in this at all. The game has an MMO type of gameplay with the only purpose to reach the number 1 in some list while doing some similar races again and again and again. The game ends becoming boring fast.

Car handling is a mess. All cars in this game are like driving bricks with wheels and especially if you use the keyboard. I do not expected much realism in a arcade racing like this but jesussss come on the car handling in this title is freaking awful !!

Roadblock camera mode is very annoying. Every time you offensively bypass a cops roadblock the game stops with some annoying camera mode and then it allows you to continue normally. I do not see the reason why there is a camera mode existing in there it only makes the game frustrating and stops the action for no reason.

Cops AI is bizarre, they always spawn out of thin air and even an average cop car can stick with a super car that runs at 300 km/h (Cheating AI maybe ??). It is almost impossible to escape from the cops in this game even if you have the fastest car in your disposal and with all upgrades enabled. I guess Criterion has made the cops AI cheating or should i say overpowered for "challenging reasons" which in my opinion it is unacceptable

The only good thing is that the graphics are pretty good (despite some environment elements like trees that look a bit low res)

Overall the game is inferior from the older NFS Most Wanted and way less entertaining. They tried to make a copy of Burnout but this new game has no soul and feels more like a bad gimmick that should not had been called NFS at all...

I uninstalled it from my PC what a waste of gigabyte space