Xbox 360 multiplayer update issue?

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I started this game up for the first time in about a month, it informed me a free multiplayer update was available, so I download it, restarted the game and it told me to download the update again, it's not recognizing the update I downloaded, after doing it again it's still telling me to download the update. I thought maybe the update file got corrupted so I deleted it, redownloaded it and it keeps telling me to download it when I start the game up. Anybody playing the Xbox 360 version have this happen to them? Know of a workaround?
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I am having this same issue. Asks me to install Free Content, says to restart it since there is something new, then asks for me to install the Free Content again.
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Found this fix on a diff forum, Just experienced the same issue. Not sure if anyone is still experiencing this fault, but if so try the following: 1. Go to storage device and delete both the downloaded update and the online pass (you do NOT have to delete your saved game) 2. Install the game 3. Load game and let it download the update as normal (do NOT play the game during the download) 4. Once the update has installed, exit the game and redownload the online pass from your download history 5. Load the game as normal. You should not receive the prompt about the update again. Since doing the above I have not received any prompts to update again and autolog appears to be working fine. I have not played any of the multiplayer, only single player. I do not know if the above will work without the need to install the game. Hope this helps some of you
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Quick fix:

1.Run over your Xbox with a truck.

2. Buy a PS3.


Just 2 quick and easy steps!