why call this need for speed *most wanted* ???

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* this game doesnt even look like most wanted1 * its like the game makers took all the cool stuff out of most wanted1 and removed the cool stuff and they only kept the garbage stuff :( criterion games pleasse understand we liked the following points !! 1: Car Customization (stick cars) (make ur own bodykids for the cars) (tune the car the way you want it) 2: story line !! we like to have a need for speed game like most wanted1 or carbon !! in this new need for speed most wanted is no story line at all !! wtf man? 3: i would like to have a garage with my cars its pretty anoying that u gotta find the cars in the city everytime u wanna switch ...... 4 we all loved the persuit breakers to take down a lot off chasing copcars at once ! there is no persuit breakers like cool donuts and stuff to trow at them :( :( common gamemakers why do you think nobody buys need for speed anymore its cuz you guys forget what ppl like and only care about money ........ 5: i liked the slowtime thing they had in most wanted1 and carbon that u can go with slow time arround the corners !! but it seems they forgot that too :(
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Yeah they shouldn't of called it Most Wanted. I reckon they just use the familiar names to people will buy them, because the loved the original, so the new one must be like it. Criterion did that with HP, too. The game is mainly based on multiplayer though, so there isn't an amazing storyline, or speedbreaker.
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its just stupid this is the last Need for speed i bought , they dont think about us anymore, im not buying any Need for Speed anymore untill they add the stuff they had in most wanted1 or carbon cuz those are the only 2 need for speeds i liked, all the others afther that suxed, the only things ppl liked about need for speed got taken out of the game, specially because need for speed used to be the only game where u could modify ur car the way you liked it, now u cant even modify it anymore no u get standard **** that doesnt even look cool, i gues everyone should just stop buying Need for speed and buy forza motorsport instead cuz they let you pain and customize ur cars
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NFS: World. You can customise. And it's free, for PC though. I'd buy all the forzas instead of GT5 and Nfs. But I have a PS3. :S
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What makes me sad is that it emphases on epic crashes instead of winning the race neck to neck. NFS HP was the perfect balance, with this game the balance is shifted mostly towards burnout than nfs.
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I said the same things when I started playing this. It took a long time, but now I'm very glad they made this game. The crashes are still annoying, but I find the game is fully satisfying on its own merits. In fact, it's one of the few racing games where I feel compelled to play it through to 100% in single player mode, because by the time you learn everything you need to know to win every race you're nearly there anyhow.

I mean how many other racers are there where you actually make thorough use of every single car in the game?

What annoys me is that I can't find anything like a walkthru. Just because there's no storyline doesn't mean I don't have questions that need answering. Gamespot really let me down on this one. I guess I'll have to write it myself. The only thing that bothers me is that if I do that, will I be ruining the game for others? Should I leave well enough alone?

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look man this game is NOT need for speed its just BURNOUT PARADISE with real cars roads and a bit different gameplay.Inmy opinion this is the worst nfs that ever came out its just a copy from another game
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It's a great game but I do agree it shouldn't really be called Most Wanted if not just because it's confused a lot of people who expected car modding and so on.
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I have been playing NFS for much longer than just MW and Carbon, so even though I liked MW (but I prefer Carbon, either way I was excited the first time I heard about World) I am not that desperate. I knew the first time I heard about this new MW that it will come out in Burnout style. But I didnt mind Burnout Paradise either, to be honest (even though I have also played the older Burnouts too, out of which I miss Burnout 3 though). Overall, this MW is not bad, but not great, either. Fun to run through it, but even UC was more chewable, if you catch my drift...