Unwanted speed points

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Hi , this is a bit complicated & weird so I didn't really know what to put for a topic title. I bought my brothers iphone from him installed NFS most wanted & started playing as did he on his new phone . I could see him at 9th most wanted with 478,500SP so I registered for Origin & somehow I now had all his points & cars & 9th MW under my name. Didn't want that as I'd missed all the fun so I uninstalled & reinstalled it & am now 11th MW & still with the points & cars. As a said weird , the only thing I can think is that I have my brothers email account set up on my phone , all I want is to be start with a brand new app .Any help would be appreciated
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Taking a guess here but it's possible the game progress is either being tied to the EA account being used on that phone, or a unique identifier of the phone like its IMEI number. you've already tried uninstalling and reinstalling. Have you created your own EA / Origin account and logged in with it? If that doesn't fix it then I would suggest getting in contact with EA support - if it is stored server side then they should easily be able to reset your progress, or if stored locally advise how to clear the memory to wipe the progress.