This game is definitely for casual gamers

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I've read a lot of backlash about this game that I didn't quite understand at first. That's mainly because I love the Burnout games the most of any racer and this fills my need for them in a big way. Of course I understand NFS fans don't want a Burnout clone but I sure did.

As I read some of the complaints I could say I'd agree with them but I discovered I'm no longer a hardcore gamer. I've moved into the casual gamer territory since I've gotten older and can only play 3-5 hours a week instead of 15-20. *sigh* Ah well. I can see where people would be upset at not earning cars and unlocking them but for someone like me I don't have 50 hours to spend to get the best rides or to pour through hundreds of parts to customize. That's not to say I wouldn't like them but this fits the bill for me.

I also have to laugh when people try to compare this game to realistic racing games when it's apples to oranges. People who like more arcade-style racers don't want the cars to feel insanely realistic, they'd rather drift around corners and do crazy things that wouldn't be possible. Criterion or no Criterion, NFS has always been more of an arcade racer than a realistic one a la GT or Forza.

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I can understand your points to a degree, you def have to accept casual style games to want to play this one. I am older too, in my 50s in fact, and it's been a long time since I played online.

That said, I can't even get into this game as much as I did Burnout Paradise, and that game was one that was fun at first, but in the end felt too repetitious. Again, I'm speaking strictly about sp, as I don't play online anymore.

I'm currently 2nd on the Most Wanted list with only 37% completion and I've only taken down like one or two Most Wanted drivers. Personally I don't think that makes any sense. Like BP, this is a game with a lot of easy events to get your completion.

Some of the cars and race routes are fun, but overall it just doesn't have enough content to be satisfying long term, and it also lacks any character or story development. The prior MW game made you actually FEEL like an underground street racing thug working his way up the ranks and pissing off the cops.