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I live with my friend and we want to play Online together with other people. I see only two options. Friends Game - Doesn't include other people so is 1v1 i.e. boring. Public Game - One of us joins a game, invites the other, and they can't join because the game is full. How can we reliably go online together? And another couple of questions: 1. What do you press to see who is in your online game, sometimes the list of players is hidden and I have no idea who I'm playing with 2. What indicates that certain gametypes are going to end, I don't see any clock counting down. 3. I'm only interested in racing against my friend, with other players to keep it interesting. How do I do this? General Moaning: 1. Why is it that, when an event starts, you have to wait for the ticker to scroll across before you even know what you're supposed to be doing? 2. This is a racing game, and yet every race I've been in lasts 2 minutes. 3. What are you supposed to do when you get 'free time' in an online game? I came to race not drive around pointlessly. 4. What's the deal with races starting with half the people facing the wrong way and always me it seems having just been taken out. Often results in the race being over before I can catch anyone up. 5. What's the deal with the map being shocking? a 2d map to describe a 3d route and you have no indication of which level of road to take. Am I missing something? Other questions: 1. What engine does this game use, is it different from NFS - Hot Persuit? It Looks different. 2. What's with the shocking anti aliasing? you can pan around and artefacts jump out at you all over the place. Would it kill them to smooth it out?
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Create a Friends game, send invites to the people you want to join you. Once they are all in there is an option in the menu to join public game - that will take your group with you and search for other groups or individuals.

You can see the list of names of other players when waiting for them all to join up for a race, or after a race in the results screen. During races you seem to only be able to see the names of racers immediately around you.

There are usually drives between the events, I guess partly to help you learn your way around the city, crash through billboards, set faster times through speed cameras and complete the various milestones for each car. How much waiting around there is between races really depends on who is in your online group - sometimes they all work together and get to the meetup point quickly, other times you get groups where all people want to do is smash into each other at the location of the last race. The game will eventually force the race to start, but only once most of the people have got to the start point.

The decision to hide what you need to do until after the event has started is a bit odd.

My biggest issue with playing online is the lag - a little bit is to be expected but this seems excessive. Traditional races (A to B, or laps) let the person that crosses the finish line first win - but the game doesn't let everyone start at the same time, and not just by fractions of a second. I usually sit on the start line for ages before being allowed to start, wondering if others are racing yet or not. On a race of the airfield / airplane graveyard, I crossed the finish line less than a second after the was won by someone else that I couldn't see. On the results screen I finished 14 seconds faster than him.

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Thank you so much for your answer. I can see the brilliance of this game, but there is so much that is annoying and I am starting to see why some long time need for speed fans are hating it. Aside from the general bad design of the menus, I'm most annoyed about the fact that I don't feel immersed. With Hot Pursuit sure, the maps were too simple. But at least you could just drive them at full speed and RACE. With this game I could be playing with my friend for 2 hours and we'd probably only be racing neck to neck for less than a minute in that time. Honestly, who cares who jumped the furthest? It's SECONDARY to actually racing, which this game seems to have none of.
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P.S. Where is this game's most active forum?
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P.S. Where is this game's most active forum?IPerfectIDark
GameFAQ has slightly more activity, though split with one forum per platform. You could try or the EA forums, but I only checked them briefly a month or so ago and it tended to be mostly people being vocal about problems they were having with the game.