need some friends for this game.

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hey guys anyone willing to let me add you for this game? I am liking the game so far gave it a try second time and its a better got to get use to the crashing system though.


I want to add few friends on that are willing to play together since the public ones are just crashing to each other or not playing at all



since my friends are not playing this game lol.

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totally agree, this game is so awesome online, great time killer



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marcjuuhh on pc
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Hey man, I agree. My tag is Pats27fan, feel free.
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thanks guys i'll add you guys tommorrow. the one with the pc user sorry do not have that only xbox 360 players.

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I'm always on need for Speed games but I'm in Italy. aSkylandSora

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hi, im loving the game so far. and want more friends for nfs most wanted im on vita aswell on ps3


so add me @ sh4h_-_7 cheers

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Anyone add me on Vita or PS3:


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I can't add you the ones with a ps3 sorry! but anyone with a xbox360 please feel free to let me know to add u on here.

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Hi mate mines LHS Caretaker Was on today and found the same with players just wanting to smash cars up
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ToX75 - PS3 likewise, need some good games :)
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CallMeDsss - xbox360

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Xbox 360 Gamertag: JT5600 Please add me!
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Ps3 - InsomniacPotato Expect to see me on most billboards, I love jumping.
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Add us on 360! pookie3000 paparazzi0314
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for PS3 players: way22cool
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PSN ID: that-acmilan-guy Send me a message that you are from Gamespot and want to play nfs. Also it would be great if you have a mic.
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my tag is Herr_Vorragend28 feel free to add me..i need friends too.... thx
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Me too
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Hi all, anyone have Need For Speed-Most wanted game play videos! share it here thanks
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Please add me my origin ID is: ibrahimzuber I am looking for friends desperatly
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Add me on ps3 fudge92lewis need some friends to race with and need the trophy
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feel free too add me please on PS3 my id is BigGaz210 would love some friends on most wanted and the run
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add me up guys


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got the game yesterday but none of my friends really like driving games, so if you guys wouldnt mind adding me on xbox Peacetime Beef.
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and me for ps3 - yodude77 need to finish up some multiplayer
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Add me badk84
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Who needs a new friend my id Joby79