Logitech Steering Wheel

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Just wondering can you use Logitech Drive Force GT or G25, G27 steering wheel with this new Most Wanted game. Does it fully support the steering wheel or just partly support them.
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The short answer is it doesn't officially support ANY true wheels.

There are some wheels you can get to work, but not with Force Feedback and other features. What's even more odd is they saw fit to support the "Magic Horseshoe" (MS 360 Wireless Speed "Wheel"), and even the PS3 Move, yet no official actual wheel support in a racing game. That's Crapterion for you.


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Here is the easy fix for NFS Most Wanted 2012 and the PS3...when trying to use Logitech DFGT. After you start up your PS3...plug in your wheel...let it calibrate...then load the game...wheel will once again calibrate. Then push and hold the PS button till the "controller settings" comes up. choose controller settings and you will go to " re-asign controller"..it should be on "1" choose re-asign controller and choose 2 or 3 or whatever...then push PS button and go back to game menu..controller won't work...push and hold PS button and reasign controller again...but choose number 1...go back to game and everything should work fine! Before...no FB and a loose wheel After doing this you will have full FB and the wheel will be nice and tight!...just like it should be.